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Poltava travel

This is Poltava that is the city we can say of it is ancient and ever-young yet. Poltava has the most noticeable place on the geographical, social and political, cultural map of Ukraine because this land is related to many names and events that fill the concept of Ukrainian essence up with the real meaning. 
Poltava travel           

  Poltava and Poltava region is a model of landscape, of language and mental one for the Ukrainians as figuratively compared by one of our contemporaries Andriy Okara, publicist. Indeed, this statement is difficult to argue.


  Whenever a concentrated, generalized version of Ukrainian Ukraine is talked about, Poltava land, birthplace of the eminent figures and sincere, hardworking, friendly people as well as an exceedingly picturesque corner of the beautiful country, does immediately occur in most cases. As the saying is Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine whereas Poltava is the Ukrainian capital.


  Poltava region’s tourism industry really enraptures locals and visitors to the region, since lots of interesting historical sites are concentrated in the heart of Ukraine - churches, monasteries, mansions, museums, hill forts and even the pyramids .... Even some Poltava hotels and restaurants reflect respective period of history with their architectural shapes.


  The land was made famous by the prominent artists such as a wandering philosopher Hryhoriy Skovoroda, the founder of modern Ukrainian literature Ivan Kotliarevsky, a brilliant Ukrainian romanticist and Russian realist Nikolay Gogol who made the real philosophical and aesthetic revolution in Russian culture. Also renowned European and Russian artists have ever been to the place. Poltava travel


  Artistic reputation of the land has been still provided by the craftsmen such as Opishne potters, Reshetylivka embroiderers and tapestry-makers. All their achievements can be seen not only during the museum's exhibits, but also at world-widely known Sorochintsi Fair, a marketplace combining antique and present-day features and looking like a seething hive, for several days.


  Every city should have its own legend, so to speak, its own myth. With Poltava, the myth is Marusia Churay, a girl who is believed to be authoress of the songs that Poltava Cossacks used to set up with. The legend tells the documents to verify a true existence of Marusia have been burned during one of the fires at the Poltava archive. In spite of it the memory of the girl from the legend is living in Poltava – a street, the Singing Field are named after her, and there is a nice monument in the downtown that young Poltava people like to have a rest around.

  By the way, one more of still a few Poltava hotels is being constructed near the monument so that to complement this harmonious composition.


  As hotel accommodation in Poltava is scarce the issue of lack of the hotel rooms now is successfully resolved by the business such as Poltava apartments for rent.


  When talking about how much famous throughout the world Poltava is, the leading position is certainly taken by the Battle of Poltava 1709, which has been the epoch-making event of pan-European significance taking place near Poltava. Unfortunately, Ukraine then was not a subject but object of global geopolitics, so its military-political leadership was hesitating between the less evil and the more one – Sweden and the Russian Empire. Some people find the Poltava Battle a great victory, the others the beginning of tsarist expansion, but as it was a huge tragedy for Ukraine that struck a devastating blow to its striving for statehood. However, we should revise the stereotypes, be ready for dialogue and reconciliation as viewed in retrospect. Today, thousands of tourists come to the Poltava Battle Field Museum to get in touch with history and commemorate the fallen compatriots. Now it can be made by everyone, regardless of who he is - Ukrainian, Russian or Swede. Equal conditions have been created for all of them. A tidy chapel has been built near the museum, there is an inscription “Time heals wounds” in three languages on. Poltava travel


  In addition to tremendously picturesque landscapes and its exceptionally comfortable aura, Poltava enjoys a good gastronomic reputation. Thanks to Kotliarevsky and Gogol, words such as “varenyk”, “borshch”, “pampushka” and certainly “halushka” have been carved into the minds of the several generations. Furthermore, it should be noted that the word “halushka” can only exist in conjunction with the attribute of Poltava. This national delicacy in Poltava is not only eaten at the table but also eternalized in the monument. Since recently almost every Poltavite or guest of the city has a picture that they at the Monument to Halushka are on in the photo album. Especially  newly wedded couples like to be filmed at the Monument. There also is another celebration in the city. It’s the Halushka festival because this kind of dumpling is a sort of Poltava symbol (but not a single one!). Poltava travel


  It’s well to live and even better to recreate in Poltava land. Moreover, it is one of the environmentally friendliest regions of Ukraine. Nature tourism that saves the tourists from the daily troubles and fuss is actively developing here, new recreation centers and catering businesses are started with invarible Poltava flavor and menu, differently rated hotels are built, new tourist routes are introduced, and ethnic and rock festivals for youth are staged. All of this makes an attractive look of the rich and hospitable country getting acquainted with which the most pleasant impressions.


  And now a few words about Poltava hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and all that can be useful when visiting Poltava.
                                 Tips for those going to visit Poltava

  The best Poltava hotels are Hotel “Palazzo”, Hotel “Gallery”, hotel “Gold”, hotel “Ukraine”, hotel “Yavir”. As an alternative for any guests of the city there are many agencies that offer private houses and apartments for rent. Today, Poltava offers a wide range of the accommodation options. 

  The best Poltava restaurants: restaurant “Palazzo”, restaurant “Kashtanova Alleia” (Chestnut Alley), restaurant “Ivanova Hora” (Ivan Hill). Poltava travel